Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Your Times Calculated?

One month is calculated 30 days
One week is calculated as 5 days from Monday to Friday
One hour is calculated to 60 minutes

Do Billing Apply any Additional Taxes?

Our pricing is all inclusive of taxes and other fees, so there is no need to worry about unexpected
charges or bills.

Do You Provide Refunds?

Depending on the reason for the requested refund, in some cases, Solvoguru can offer you a refund.
When a monthly project is canceled, and 24-hours notice is given you will be refunded your monthly
upfront payment - excluding 1 additional day.

Are Your Services Transferable?

Services are only transferrable when a project is complete, or when a client pays out the remaining
contracted fee’s on their existing project.

Do You Accept Payments Other Than USD?

Currently, we accept payments in USD only. We recommend either converting your currency to
ensure you have the correct amount in USD before beginning a contract with us.

Do any Services Come With a Guarantee or Warranty?

No. As Solvoguru is a service provider, and all clients expectations differ we cannot guarantee your
businesses goals or expectations will be met on every occasion as consumer trends change.

Do You Deal With non-English Speaking Countries?

At present Solvoguru only offers services to English speaking nations. Although, future expansion
into non-English speaking nations is planned. We recommend you stay up to date on our website for
further information.

How Long Does It Take for a Refund? If Applicable?

Depending on when the refund was approved, you should expect your refund to be fulfilled within
15-30 business days.

Will You Provide a Bill for a Transaction?

All billing information and invoices will be sent to the email address you supplied to us at the
beginning of your contract.

Is Personal Data Safe?

Certainly. Solvoguru stores all of our client's data and information securely and refrains from selling,
giving or leasing your data to any third-parties.

What Happens if There Is a Breach in Data?

In the unlikely event of a data breach, we will immediately notify all affected users, clients, and
parties of this breach and aVempt to keep in contained to prevent further information being

Do You Make Sales Call to Your Customers and Ask for any Confidential Data Such as Credit
Card no Etc.?

No. Under no circumstances does Solvoguru ever contact our customers with sales calls requiring
sensitive data, such as credit card information. If you have been contacted by a sales representative
claiming to be affiliated with Solvoguru, please report this contact to

How Can I Report About Product and Services on Solvoguru’s Website?

If you experience issues with a product, billing or anything related to Solvoguru’s service, please
report it to and one of our friendly team will follow up as soon as possible.

Will I Be Notified of any Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy Changes on Your Website?

No. Solvoguru reserves the right to update or change information within our Terms and conditions
and Privacy Policy without notice or informing clients and website users. We encourage our clients
and users to stay up-to-date with our Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy by routinely accessing

What if I Provide False Personal Information on the Website?

Failing to provide truthful and accurate information at the beginning of your contract will result in
the termination of your

Is the Solvoguru Website Secure?

Solvoguru’s website is hosted securely by a web host that ensures encrypted access as well as secure
payment options.

How Do You Ensure the Security and Privacy of Customer’s Personal Data?

All personal and contractual information is securely stored with Solvoguru with no ability for third party's
to access.

Do You Track Customer’s Site Activity?

Tracking of website cookies and similar technologies provided to us by your web browser allows
Solvoguru to view client and web users frequently visited websites and other information. This data
is used for improving services, markeKng, and re-targeting only.

Are Virtual Assistants Full-Time?

Absolutely. Our virtual assistants can be either contracted as full-Kme or part-time assistants to assist
with your workloads.

How Do I Communicate With my Virtual Assistant?

The simplest and most effective way to communicate with you assigned virtual assistant is via e-mail
or Skype for Business. This ensures that all information that is sent or received is secure and can be
accessed at any point and isn’t governed by Kme, like a phone call.

How Do I Pay my Virtual Assistant?

Our virtual assistant’s work hours are stringently recorded by Timekeeping software, ensuring that
you are only paying for hours worked. At the end of each day, a Daily Review will be forwarded to
you for analysis and to confirm payment.
You will be sent an invoice at the end of each week with details on where and how to pay your virtual

What Should I Expect To Pay for a Virtual Assistant?

Each of Solvoguru’s Virtual assistants is billed at either $10/hr or $1,000 per month, depending on
the length and complexity of your contract and project.
For more personalized pricing for your specific needs, please contact us.

Do I Own the Content, or Is It Leased to Me?

All content developed by Solvoguru is entirely handed over to our clients. There are no continuing
payments to lease the content or royalties.

What Can Market Research Do for my Business?

Intricate market research data gives your business the building blocks it needs to undergo expansion
or compete with rivals without being lost in emerging markets, as a result of missing data on
compeKtors. Primary, Secondary and Research data all give you the power to thoroughly understand
your market and grow without limits.

What Should I Expect To Pay for Your Services?

All services at Solvoguru operate at $10/hr per team member. This means that if your task requires 2
of our team members, your total hourly fee’s are just $20/hr. Workloads that are more complex than
the services listed on our website require a consult and an agreement of an acceptable rate.
Please contact us for more information.