Solvoguru | Terms and Conditions

Solvoguru, the owner of services listed on website requires your compliance with
all the terms, conditions, and notices contained or referenced within this "Terms of Use” document, as
well as any other written contractual agreements between us and you. When applying to; or entering
into any contractual agreement users are instantly agreeing to ALL terms of use listed in the document
with no unbinding of agreements permitted.

The Terms of Use listed below are currently in effect unless otherwise stated on this page. We reserve
the right to change any or all of these Terms of Use without notice to you. In the there are changes
within these Terms and Conditions, an email will be sent out to existing and past clients to ensure they
are aware of these changes. New customers are encouraged to keep updated with terms, as they may
have changed since the last time they have been accessed. Your continued use of this site and it’s
service offering after modifications will amount to the absolute agreement of these Terms.

Solvoguru’s Service Overview

* For the purpose of this Overview, one month is a calendar month of 30 days
* The hours within hourly contracts are decided by a mutual contract between client and Solvoguru
In order to make your experience using Solvoguru as fluid and fulfilling as possible, we have designed
our Terms to be as simple and easy-to-follow as possible. Failing to adhere to these Terms will result in
the termination of your contract and/or a penalty fee of all remaining contracted hours up to 1 week.
All services are non-transferable from client to client. This means if you start a contract with us to work
on a project for Business A, this project cannot be transferred to Business B and adapted to suit the
new needs of Business B. You must first pay out the remaining fees for Business A and end the
contract in that manner before you begin a new contract.
In circumstances where Solvoguru and a client have mutually agreed that a project will last one month,
or longer, there is a required upfront payment for the entire first month before any work can begin on
that particular project.
Custom service requests for services that are not listed on Solvoguru’s website, and will take less than
30 days will require an upfront non-refundable payment in full. Once the first month of a customised
project has ended and the client wishes to continue or extend the contract then; weekly, bi-weekly or
monthly upfront payments are required. Upfront payments, up to 1 week, are non-refundable.
Clients who request a renewed custom monthly contract, this contract’s fees are required to be paid, in
full, upfront. There is no refund for cancelled monthly custom contracts.
If a client wishes to cancel an existing contract; all upfront payments are absorbed by Solvoguru and
the client must pay out all hours worked on the project, as well as future hours that were affected by
the cancellation of the contract.
Cancellation of hourly contracts will incur a fee that includes the remaining hours left in the contract,
as well as fees including any pre-planned hours discussed prior to cancellation.
If a client wishes to change the service they are receiving from Solvoguru, then a 24-hour advance
notice is required. The option to switch services are only available for hourly services.

1.0 Agreement

1.1- Any instructions received by Solvoguru from a Client to begin development of digital goods and/or
the client’s acceptance of receive goods supplied by Solvoguru immediately constitutes acceptance of
the terms and conditions contained in this document.
1.2 – If more than one client has entered into this agreement and accepts or requests Sologuru’s
services, all clients shall be jointly and severally liable for all payments of the price decided either
solely by Solvoguru or jointly decided by all parties.
1.3 – Upon acceptance of these terms and conditions the client is bound to all agreements in regards
to price, timing, payment schedule and cancellation and can only be amended with the written
consent of Solvoguru.
1.4 – The client is required to give Solvoguru at least 14 days notice when proposing any changes to the
client's name or any other details - including address, phone number, and business name.

2.0 Payment

2.1 – At Solvuguru’s sole discretion the price shall be either:
(a) as shown on the invoice supplied by Solvoguru to the Client after an agreed upon amount of work is
completed; or
(b) the price quoted by Solvoguru at the beginning of a binding or non-binding contract.
2.2 – Solvoguru reserves the right to change the price at any time in the event of a variation to
Solvoguru’s quotation.
2.3 – Solvoguru requires;
(a) a 100% deposit before any service is performed when a contract is expected to last longer than one
month; or
(b) In the event a contract is extended, monthly up-front payments are required; or
(c) In any event, a contract is canceled, Solvoguru will absorb all upfront payments, as well as incur a
fee that includes all planned future hours affected by this change
2.4 – Solvoguru requires upfront payments for monthly (or longer) contracts. Contracts that have been
extended require weekly or monthly upfront payments until the end of the contract or completion of
the assigned task.
2.5 – Time for payment for the services, unless otherwise stated; will be stated on the invoice of all
contractual agreements. If no time is stated on the invoice, then payment shall be due seven (7) days
following the date of the invoice.
2.6 – Payment will be made by cash, credit card, PayPal, by cheque, or by bank cheque, or by direct
credit, or by any other method as agreed to between the client and Solvoguru.

3.0 Cancellation

3.1 – Solvoguru’s services are priced per hour and charged on a monthly basis, either upfront or on a
schedule. If a client chooses/requests to terminate or retract a workload after any period of time less
than one (1) hour, Solvoguru reserves the right to charge for an entire hour.
3.2 – Upfront payments will be partially refunded, subject to the amount of time Solvoguru has
performed services to the time of cancellation.
3.3 – Cancellation of monthly contracts or required services will incur a fee equal to 1-day of performed
services entirely regardless of the services performed up until the cancellation.
3.4 – All cancellation and service requests must be made between 9am and 6pm IST time. Failure to
notify Solvoguru of cancellations or changes within these hours will result in the billing of an entire
day’s services regardless of whether these services were performed or not.

4.0 Suspension of Services

4.1 – Solvoguru reserves the right to suspend any and all services if agreed upon requirements are not
met or are not able to be met within a set timeframe.

5.0 Agreement of Terms

5.1 – At the moment of a contractual agreement between the client and Solvoguru the client has
agreed to all Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions clauses.
5.2 – In no way is the Client permitted to opt-out of ANY clauses highlighted within Solvoguru’s Terms
and Conditions.
5.3 – The client is required to give Solvoguru at least 30 days notice when proposing any changes to
the client's name or any other details - including address, phone number, and business name.